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Rachel Galvin

More Pics of me & Calendar

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More Pics of me & Calendar


Here is a picture of me with the modest legendary Debbie Reynolds following an interview with her.  She was here at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino for the show "Singing in the Rain."--Fall 2004


Me and Ian Ziering ("Beverly Hills 90210") at opening night of Ft. Lauderdale Film Festival --October 20, 2006


Me & Ishai Setton--director of "Big Bad Swim" (Ft. Lauderdale Film Festival 11/06)


Director Amy Talkington "Night of the White Pants," "Rob Stewart," director of "Sharkwater" (, me, Tyler Mccleod (PR for Sharkwater) & Ishai Setton-- director of "Big Bad Swim."--FLIFF cruise. (11/06)


Me and fellow editor Andrea Freygang with restaurateur Burt Rapoport at his new restaurant Opus 5 in Boca Raton.  My review in the Oct/ Nov issue of CitySmart Magazine ( in a word:  Delicious!--August 2006


Me and Boxing champ Howard Davis Jr.  I interviewed him for IntoCombat Magazine.--summer 2006


Me and Judo champ Rhadi Ferguson.  I did a personal interview with him, which will be added to his video series "The Grind."--Summer 2006


Me and Nancy Kasson at Bispo's Wine Cellar in Pompano at a wine tasting.  I am taking notes and Nancy is holding CitySmart Magazines.  This was my favorite wine station.  I ended up buying a bottle of my favorite of the evening--a French wine (Muscadet).--Summer 2006


Above is a picture of me with the History Committee for Coral Springs, (Pictured Wendy Wangberg, Gina Orlando, Janis Humpage, Steven Scali-- not in that order) We were recognized for our efforts. Also pictured is Coral Springs former Mayor Rhon Ernest-Jones and then Commissioner (now Vice Mayor) Roy Gold. --Fall 2004

Click the city smart link to see a calendar (created by me) of upcoming events for the South Florida area.



-Just finished attending several events at the Ft. Lauderdale Film Festival (P.S. go to
-I will be finishing up movie "Call Me" by Rida Cano.
-Just finished film as co-star for Josh Ebeling.
-Will be in Atlanta & North Carolina area Thanksgiving weekend.
-Holding event for Andy Roddick foundation in December! I also will be in two films!
-Working on my own film-- hope to begin in January.
More events soon.