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Rachel Galvin

Acting Book!

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New to acting/ filmmaking?  Buy my new 177 page book that includes information on the industry, my personal journey/ experience in Los Angeles and Florida, a glossary of important terms and:
  • How to get a SAG card
  • How to be an extra
  • How to make a short film
  • How to pick a headshot
  • How to make a resume
  • How to pick an agent/ manager
  • Creative self-promotion
  • Networking tips
  • and more

The book is selling for $19.99 hard copy and $14.99 as an e-book.  Interested?  Contact me!

Use Pay Pal to get "So... You Want to Be an Actor" as an e-book for only $14.99.

Would you like to order a copy?

To buy a hard copy of the book, click here and order now!  Pay here via credit card or send a check to  Rachel Galvin, PO BOX 970847, Coconut Creek, FL 33097