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Rachel Galvin


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Carnivale of Horror---I will be attending this Horror Fest in Tampa, hopefully with a new horror film under my belt.  Plus, they will be showing my film "To Mine Own Self Be True."

Carnivale of Horror

MPOWERU-Check out this site...An empowering site filled with information on Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer and other healers.  It also has a 100 day challenge that you can take to improve your life.


LUMONICS--click link below

Lumonics--the ultimate crash pad hippie vibe and cool light art gallery. Check my blog. Dig it!

My Ryze Page
Click below:

My Ryze Page---with an overview of my career and comments from other artists around the world! cool site for indie filmmakers, including a forum message board.  Find out about the crazy gal Liza Trainer who started it all--producer, filmmaker and prop master extraordinare.  Her film "Stick to What You Know," will eventually feature me...

Batovision--a psychadelic journey into the mad, mad world of Al Reyes-- cameraman and editor of all things strange and bizarre.  You will once again find the teaser of my film "To Mine Own Self Be True" there as well as some other creations.


Wallflower Gallery--one of the hippest galleries I know and the original viewing site of my film "To Mine Own Self Be True."


Screamfest---I am gearing up to go to next year's!

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