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Wednesday, 15 March 2006
I'm Back!
Hey, long break. Keep in mind...plays are a BIG time committment...unfortunately.

The play "Beware the Eyes of Mars" went well. Through trials, tribulation, illness and drama, the show went on.

Opening night-- our fog machine set off the fire alarm!! Hillarious! We had to evacuate the building. Then the curtain broke. The lighting cues didn't happen. One of the androids wigs fell off during the dance, etc. It just seemed like anything that could go wrong, did go wrong.

Once the fire alarm went off, we all relaxed. Nothing could hurt us now and the audience still loved us.

The rest of the week was mediocre until Saturday. The final Saturday was everything you want a play to be. The lights were perfect, the acting perfect, the audience laughed at everything and clapped at every number. Ideal. People kept commenting afterward what a good job we did and how much they loved it. They even sang the songs and mimicked the characters.

Sunday also went well but the audience was dead. But Frank, director from Sci-Fi movie (coming soon), filmed the play; he will be helping out. Helpful guy-- that Frank. :) And a good bowler I hear (in case he's reading.) :)

Anyway...I'm sick...another side effect of being in a cramped dressing room with other sick actors.

I'm off to get cookies. I've lost so much weight. I can afford a few. I'm down to 114 lbs!!!! That's what stress and lack of sleep and a few "Heatwave" dances will do. :)

Talk soon!

Posted by creativerachel at 9:40 PM EST
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