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Wednesday, 13 December 2006

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Posted by creativerachel at 10:41 PM EST
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Sunday, 7 May 2006
Voice Over
Now Playing: Crossing Jordan
Yesterday was a busy day. I met with my History committee in the morning. We packed away our Marjorie Stoneman Douglas exhibit and went through slides for our slide show for the Pioneer Luncheon on Friday.

Then I met with my director for "Call Me" and did voice over for the film at AI.

Then I went to Sunfest with my friend, Lori-- CEO of Dimond Productions-- and saw Ashlee Simpson concert...lots o fun. Her voice has improved since last concert I saw. I like her hair too but like it better black.

Then saw Fiona Apple- I thought her voice sounded awful.

Posted by creativerachel at 10:35 PM EDT
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Saturday, 29 April 2006
Today I got cast in a new film as the lead!!!

I am no longer blue about my last audition woe.


Sunday I am meeting with the cast of "Earth Command"- the feature I will be in this Fall. WE will be rehearsing for the second time.


Posted by creativerachel at 1:09 AM EDT
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Saturday, 1 April 2006
Audition Don'ts
Just had another audition. I had to wait for two hours! There is only one girl part to be cast and about 60 people total supposedly reading. I didn't see many people there but still had to wait.

I eventually chose to talk to the guy next to me. Very interesting guy, seasoned actor, excellent. Only problem-- my voice started to get hoarse, I lost my focus and when it came to auditioning after two hours, I didn't feel good about the result.

I totally messed up the lines the first time and the second time was just ok. At least I thought.

Luckily, the director has seen me work before, which is nice. But then again, I never know how I stacked up in comparison to others. And it often comes dow to looks and how I am compatible with others too.

I looked good. I realized how much weight I have lost..nice. I even wore mascara. I went all out! haha.

I hate feeling insecure after an audition. I like to feel like I nailed it, knowing that there is a possibility I won't get it but that I did the best I could.!

Posted by creativerachel at 12:42 AM EST
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Thursday, 30 March 2006
Just about today
Enjoying the nice weather tonight. Just got back from a walk. Heard from my old buddy Erich Klain in Studio City, CA. Anyone from there reading this, please vote him into the neighborhood council.

I met him as an extra on "Seventh Heaven." Doing extra work, you often pretend you are talking either by whispering or mouthing words. So we pretended we were talking about going to the prom so I always call him "Prom date." We also did extra work on the set of the TV show "Clueless." The days of extra work....sigh....I don't miss them. :)

Being on "The Practice" was neat. Except, I fell asleep on the set and lost my glasses.

Nice segue.

Just lost my glasses on the beach (back to the present) but am getting an even better black pair.

Just took a loooong walk...hour 1/2 at least. Feet hurt. Not used to walking. Want to get fit now that I have lost a lot of weight.

Hope Erich Klain reads this blog. ;)


Posted by creativerachel at 12:39 AM EST
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Tuesday, 28 March 2006
Just so everyone knows...I am now getting into photography more seriously. Ask me about pricing. Anyone interested in shots should contact me.

Otherwise, I am working on a bunch of articles for a local paper and also IntoCombat Magazine. Trying to track these people down can be difficult if not impossible.

I have an audition on Friday, which I would love to get. I would enjoy working with palm beach film school again. Great crew over there.

My article in comes out tomorrow!

Posted by creativerachel at 11:58 PM EST
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Sunday, 19 March 2006
I have been relaxing the alst few days. Starting to feel better. Taking time to reflect a bit and mostly relax. Sleeping in---till 11:30 then reading till 1:30. Went to bookstore and read up on everything from psychic energy to spirit guides...

Posted by creativerachel at 11:03 PM EST
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Wednesday, 15 March 2006
I'm Back!
Hey, long break. Keep in mind...plays are a BIG time committment...unfortunately.

The play "Beware the Eyes of Mars" went well. Through trials, tribulation, illness and drama, the show went on.

Opening night-- our fog machine set off the fire alarm!! Hillarious! We had to evacuate the building. Then the curtain broke. The lighting cues didn't happen. One of the androids wigs fell off during the dance, etc. It just seemed like anything that could go wrong, did go wrong.

Once the fire alarm went off, we all relaxed. Nothing could hurt us now and the audience still loved us.

The rest of the week was mediocre until Saturday. The final Saturday was everything you want a play to be. The lights were perfect, the acting perfect, the audience laughed at everything and clapped at every number. Ideal. People kept commenting afterward what a good job we did and how much they loved it. They even sang the songs and mimicked the characters.

Sunday also went well but the audience was dead. But Frank, director from Sci-Fi movie (coming soon), filmed the play; he will be helping out. Helpful guy-- that Frank. :) And a good bowler I hear (in case he's reading.) :)

Anyway...I'm sick...another side effect of being in a cramped dressing room with other sick actors.

I'm off to get cookies. I've lost so much weight. I can afford a few. I'm down to 114 lbs!!!! That's what stress and lack of sleep and a few "Heatwave" dances will do. :)

Talk soon!

Posted by creativerachel at 9:40 PM EST
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Monday, 9 January 2006
Still busy aka new booking
Still busy.

Been rehearsing for awesome play.

Just got cast in a sci fi picture (possibly Star Trek related) as a security officer. :) Will be filming in the summer.

Just interviewed the director of our play for an article.

Just got three new writing assignments today and am still finishing up others.

And my internet went out!


This play is like a Browadway show. Ask me about tickets!

Posted by creativerachel at 11:20 PM EST
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Wednesday, 4 January 2006
Mood:  a-ok
I have been too busy to blog. I have interviewed J.D. from INXS--highlight of highlights! More about that later.

Also been rehearsing for play, writing a lot.

Been sending out query letters to new magazines and old to get more writing work.

I have new headshots if anyone wants to see.

I am auditioning for more films the next couple days...

Read a book called "How full is your bucket?" Decided to be more positive and proactive in my life!

Happy New Year!

Had sushi and worked on writing the calendar for City Smart on New Year's!

Also, working on getting a publisher for my acting book. You can buy a copy now from this site.

I'll give more in depth detail later!

Posted by creativerachel at 12:51 AM EST
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